Throughout my career as a recruiting leader I’ve advised many tech companies, but there are very few recruiting tech companies I’ve wanted to join as a strategic advisor; today, I’m excited to add Metaview to that list. I believe Metaview is one of a small cohort of technologies that is only going to up-level the recruiting profession, and I look forward to partnering with them as they continue on their mission to 10x the quality and velocity of hiring processes.

Since I first became aware of Metaview back in 2020, I was struck by the alignment between Siadhal’s vision for the future of talent acquisition and my own. It was clear we both believed strongly in the importance of driving better quality interviews long term. At the time, I was leading recruiting at Robinhood and focused on ensuring we were selecting the best candidates for our team. One of my biggest challenges was maintaining a consistent bar for quality across interviewers and uncovering enough signal to make sound decisions.  

We brought in Metaview to help achieve greater consistency, efficiency, and visibility in interviewer training at Robinhood, and it was a game changer as we transitioned to fully remote interviewing during the pandemic. In the organizations I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of, we always had a robust shadowing and reverse shadowing program, but this quickly became untenable while scaling rapidly. At Robinhood, Metaview enabled us to automate the shadow and reverse shadow process, and deliver consistently high-quality interviews as we exponentially grew the size of our interviewer pool over a short period of time. It helped us calibrate in a super efficient manner that also gave interviewers the opportunity to continuously hone their craft.

Fast forward to today and, though market conditions have changed, leveling-up talent acquisition teams is more important than ever. The knee-jerk reaction to reduce recruiting capabilities is shortsighted. Hiring always rebounds, especially for great companies, and even companies that are on their way to becoming great. The race to hire the best will start all over again from a sprint, not a jog. Now is the time to increase the capabilities of your interviewers because if you have a highly-calibrated, more efficient and effective interviewer pool, you can do more with a smaller team. What Metaview does is it supercharges the path to increasing interviewer capabilities and ingrains that culture in your interviewing pool.

Back when I first started in recruiting it was all about human-to-human interaction, and the best recruiters really got to know the individual at not just the skills and experiences level, but at a personal level. What I love about Metaview is that it protects the human-to-human interaction in recruiting. It uses tech and AI to purely supplement the things that allow both the interviewer and the candidate to perform at their best. For example, automating the note-taking process gives recruiters the opportunity to show up as humans, not as  note-taking machines there to grill the candidate. In turn, this helps candidates to feel like the interviewer is focused on them, giving them the comfort to give their best performance.

Ultimately, nothing is more taxing on any company than hiring the wrong person: someone that's not a fit technically, culturally, or even just from a general skills standpoint. Metaview’s impact in helping interviewers become more effective in selecting peers to join their organizations is invaluable, and one of the most strategically important challenges a company can invest in. I'm excited to join them in this journey of elevating recruiting through human-centric, data-driven interviewing.

If you're a recruiting leader and are curious what Metaview can do for you, I encourage you to get in touch with the team and find out first-hand. Just like I did.