Comparing candidates is notoriously tricky. As the hiring process progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember key insights about all of the candidates you've met and to calibrate based on what they actually said.

Until now.

Introducing Candidate Comparison

Candidate Comparison is designed to help you get straight to the facts you need to make the right decision between candidates. Candidate Comparison is a systematic and objective way to compare candidates, ensuring your decisions are rooted in solid evidence rather than gut feelings or unreliable memories. Just choose the candidates you want to compare and our AI will generate a side-by-side comparison table of candidates responses, organized by overlapping topics, experiences, and competencies.

How Does Candidate Comparison Work?

  1. Select interviews for comparison

To start, pick two or more interviews that you want to compare. This works best if you pick similar interviews. For example, two Recruiter Screens for different candidates interviewing for the same role.

  1.  Get an AI-generated comparison table

Once you've picked the conversations, Metaview will automatically generate a table comparing key candidate responses, side-by-side.

For example, Metaview might generate a section called 'Motivations for looking for a new role' and summarize each candidate's motivations, all based on what was discussed in the conversations.

  1. Customize your comparison table

You can add your own sections by telling Metaview what you're interested to learn. Metaview's AI will then scan the conversations and fill in the comparison table for you.

For example, you might specifically want to compare the technologies the candidates are familiar with. You could simply add a section to the table called 'Technologies used' and Metaview will pull in the relevant information in a few seconds.

  1. Collaborate and share

Once ready, you can share your comparison with anyone else on the hiring team.

The next time you need to make decisions between candidates, avoid wasting time sifting through overwhelming amounts of data—or worse yet, defaulting to decisions based on feelings or fuzzy memories. With Candidate Comparison, get a clear and concise comparative overview, customized to your needs.

And by focusing evaluation on actual interview responses, Candidate Comparison helps support a more equitable evaluation process. Rather than relying on subjective interpretations about a candidate’s performance, anchor your decisions in objective evidence.

Ready to try Candidate Comparison?