There are few things more frustrating than getting to the end of an interview process and not being able to make a decision. You’ve sourced great candidates, organized a high-quality process, and maintained a top-notch candidate experience. But then you reach decision time and it’s a stalemate because hiring managers can’t remember what the candidate actually said. 

It’s no surprise that decisions can be tough to make given the dearth of information we typically have to work from. ATSes give you an incomplete view of the signal gathered on a candidate during the interview process. And the quality and helpfulness of scorecards is dependent on humans’ unreliable memories. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce a game-changer for more confident hiring decisions: Candidate Review. It's a comprehensive, easily-navigable view of every information source you have about a candidate, all in one place. 


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All of the signal you have about a candidate, in one easy-to-use place

Candidate Review is the richest repository of data about a candidate you can have. It includes: 

  • Recordings of each interview stage captured on Metaview, organized by chapters so it’s easy to jump right to the section you’re looking for
  • Quick links to AI-generated summaries of each conversation 
  • An overview of the panel's scorecard recommendations 

Get a quick synthesis of the team’s feedback 

In Candidate Review, you can see a summary of the panel's scorecard feedback for each interview stage. In one glance, get a sense for key takeaways about a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, aggregated across interviewers.

Ask our Assistant to find the exact data you need, from any conversation 

You can now ask our Assistant chatbot what a candidate said about a particular topic, and it will instantly summarize answers pulled from all of the candidate’s interviews.

Each response includes a citation that takes you to the exact moment of the transcript and video playback where it was discussed, so you can go straight to the source of exactly what happened. 

With Candidate Review, recruiters can empower hiring managers to make decisions based on what actually happened during interviews, and advise them on the decision and process improvements.

If you’re ready to make hiring decisions based on what actually happened, get started with Metaview for free here

Ready to start making hiring decisions based on what actually happened?