Today we’re excited to announce that we’re going beyond interviews: We now provide automated, AI-powered notes for hiring manager intake meetings and candidate debriefs too. With this update, recruiters will be able to focus on advising hiring teams and contributing to discussion in these critical meetings, rather than on taking notes.


Intake meetings are one of the most outcome-defining moments of the hiring process. Aligning with a hiring manager on exactly what profile, skills, and experience they’re looking for in a candidate is key to setting up a hiring process for success. And running a world-class intake meeting is a skill that requires strategic probing, deep market knowledge, and a clear understanding of a hiring manager’s priorities. By automating note-taking for these meetings, recruiters are free to focus on advising, coaching, and sharing market context, rather than on passively trying to capture everything a hiring manager says.

Similarly, an efficient, well-run interview process is nothing without a world-class debrief meeting to close it out. Debrief meetings are another critical moment for recruiters to contribute to sound hiring decisions based on insights gleaned throughout the process. By letting Metaview’s AI take care of the debrief notes, recruiters can focus on higher-order work like advising hiring teams and sharing their own insights on a candidate.

We’re thrilled to now support the full recruiting process with the automated notes that our customers already know and love. We can’t wait to see how Metaview’s automated intake and debrief notes will help recruiters save even more time and level-up their strategic value.

Metaview now supports intake and debrief meeting notes