Today, we’re excited to announce another world-first feature: Answers, the first AI-powered conversational interface for interviews.


Answers supports recruiters by giving you instant access to the most important information about candidates in your pipeline: the information they share during the interview process. It replaces the need for trawling through faint memories, or extrapolating from frantically-written interview notes when making those all-important hiring decisions.

With Answers, you can simply type in a question you have about a candidate and our AI will return information based on what was discussed in the interview. For example, you could ask for a quick reminder of what a candidate said their compensation expectations are, or ask for a summary of key points that were discussed. Our AI not only retrieves information, but also generates underlying insights, such as a candidate's stated motivations for seeking a new role. All of this means you can extract the data and insights you need from interviews instantaneously, without relying on fuzzy memory or detail-light candidate feedback forms.

Answers is the latest example of how we’re leveraging advancements at the bleeding edge of AI to help increase recruiters’ efficiency and empower you with insights and data to be more effective at the human elements of hiring. With Answers, it's like you have your own assistant ready to recall any information you need to support hiring teams in making informed decisions and building connections with candidates.

Try it for free and experience the magic for yourself.

ChatGPT for interviews is here